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SMS Campaigns

How To Run A Successful Text Marketing Campaign

Learn how to create new SMS marketing campaigns in SMSBump for Shopify. See how to target customers, schedule your campaigns, add images & GIFs, add personal SMS discounts, and customize your text messages.

Managing Your Scheduled SMS Campaigns in SMSBump

How to overview your scheduled SMS marketing campaigns in SMSBump and how to cancel them. View the pending text messages your Shopify store is about to send and apply any scheduling changes based on your preferences.

Craft Effective Text Messages with the New Strength Meter

The new Strength Meter gives Shopify merchants guidelines on how to improve their SMS/MMS by adding fundamental details such as their store name, a discount, an opt-out option, etc.

How to Add Discounts in SMS Marketing Campaigns and Automations

This article will walk you through the process of Adding Discounts to boost your sales and expand your customer-base.

How to Set up an SMS Marketing Campaign via Shopify Marketing

Set your Text Marketing Campaign directly from the Shopify platform. The option offers simplified interface that will allow you to create quick text message campaigns and send it to your subscribers.

How to Run an A/B Test in SMSBump

With the new and improved A/B testing users will be able to “pre-test” their campaigns and send the best-crafted message which is most likely to convert.

How to Send a Text Marketing Campaign in BigCommerce

Learn how to set up and launch text marketing campaigns with awesome discounts that boost sales and increase customer engagement.

How Frequently Should I Text My SMS Subscribers?

You might be tempted to text your customers as often as possible to keep their interest but that's not necessarily a good practice. Let's give you our take on this question.

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